ToneLib GFX (Linux) Feature Requests

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  1. Natelok

    Natelok New Member

    I have a couple of requests, if it's possible.
    1. Is it possible to make it so that all compatible file formats show in the file dialogue for the backing track player? What I mean is, rather than having to select "flac" or "mp3" before selecting the file, I'd like it to show all of the .wav .flac and .mp3 files in the directory at the same time. This is because I have jam tracks in several formats, but mostly flac, and the default is wav, so I ALWAYS have to change the file type.
    2. Can we have midi assignable controllers for the knobs in the various plugins? For example, I'd like to be able to map a midi knob or expression pedal to the pitch shifter or wah, but it'd also be cool to be able to map knobs to the various controls for things like phasers etc.
    Thanks heaps.
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  2. hmollercl

    hmollercl New Member

    Hi! How have you been able to play mp3 in linux? it says unsopported file format in *ubuntu with *ubuntu-restricted-extras (which has gstreamer) installed
  3. Matoro

    Matoro New Member

    Almost any player on *ubuntu can play mp3 - so why not tonelib-gfx? I'm not an expert with all those libs provided by ubuntu, but if any other player can play mp3 it should also be possible for tonelib-gfx.
    In fact that's the main issue for me NOT to buy the product.
  4. Kott

    Kott New Member

    why not run the back track in any player? anyway, main issue could be a "it does't run at all"
  5. Matoro

    Matoro New Member

    Because tonelib gfx is easy, and all you (i) need for practicing is in one app.
    No additional software needed (except for mp3).
    If i need to start multiple apps then i can stick to guitarix as well. The sound is different, usage is more complicated, but it's not worse.

    Any other player can't change speed so easily.
    Any other player can't loop a selected sequence so easily.
  6. Spatry

    Spatry New Member

    I can confirm that MP3 is NOT supported when running tonelib-gfx-bin on Arch Linux. My lightweight MPV player handles mp3 just fine, I ended up using ffmpeg to convert mp3 to wav BUT I would rather have mp3 support.

    The only workaround is to load GFX as VST in a DAW (like Reaper) then load the mp3 on the timeline. The audio can be looped and time scaled without much difficulty.

    Edit: I rarely use GFX as a standalone now that I see how powerful it is as a plugin in Reaper. I have SEVERAL instances running concurrently; it is almost like having your own personal guitar orchestra.
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