Tonelib GFX Linux / Reaper GUI Issue

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by sodface, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. sodface

    sodface New Member

    Hello, thanks for Tonelib GFX, it's really great and performs well for me on Fedora with Reaper as a VST, or at least 3.9.0 does. The 3.9.9 version doesn't display correctly in Reaper's VST window.

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  2. Kott

    Kott New Member

    I haven't such issue. What version of Reaper do You use?
  3. sodface

    sodface New Member

    It's Reaper 5.983 for Linux, which is the latest from the Reaper website. I should note that I'm running Reaper on a dedicated box with no desktop environment and I'm remoting the GUI over a 1Gb ethernet link to my laptop. I have both versions of the Tonelib VST in Reaper and I put one of each version on a track to take the posted screenshots, so the only difference should be with the Tonelib VST and not anything else in the environment.