Tonelib-GFX port for Raspberry pi

Discussion in 'Testimonials & Suggestions' started by 1Bit, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. 1Bit

    1Bit New Member

    hello guys
    as we now have tolibGFX for Linux, is it possible to port this to a raspberry pi?
    would that be too difficult to compile on a different architecture?
    thank you for the response
  2. Greum

    Greum Member

    Doesn't the Raspberry Pi run Linux anyway?
  3. 1Bit

    1Bit New Member

    erm.. yes but is a different architecture, you can't install the x86 package to an arm based machine
    if the source code was available then one could try to compile it but as far as I'm aware the code is not available
    hence the request to the team here :)
  4. Greum

    Greum Member

  5. gitano

    gitano New Member

    +1 armhf debian package for Raspbi and similar platforms would be pure awesomeness :)
  6. Spatry

    Spatry New Member

    Knowing how well Tonelib-GFX runs on legacy hardware, I am confident it would do well on ARM. +1