Tonelib GFX Standalone problem

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Kev, May 18, 2019.

  1. Kev

    Kev New Member

    I've been using the plugin and it's great, but I can't get the standalone to connect with my Steinberg UR242. I just hear the raw guitar signal, no matter what patch I select. The tuner does work, however.
    In preferences/audio/technology I have ASIO selected.
    In preferences/audio/device I have Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO selected.
    The "test output" gives a signal.
    Input UR242 1+2 is checked.
    Output UR242 mix L+R is checked.
    any ideas?
  2. Alex

    Alex New Member

    Same happens to me. The input signal from my U-Phoria interface is detected, but the standalone version has no audio at all for me. All the ASIO settings are correct, all my hardware works correctly.
  3. naual

    naual New Member

    I have Steinberg UR22mkII, suppose it's a same or similar?
    Anyway, try play with knob OUTPUT on Steinberg device.
    Also, try connect guitar on both channells, I have issues with interface, can hear guitar only on input 2 with Hi-Z activated...

    Hope I help...
  4. Kev

    Kev New Member

    Thanks but it still doesn't make any difference.
  5. ToniM

    ToniM New Member

    Same problem. I can hear it using Reaper, but nothing on stand alone mode
  6. You've obviously got problems with the very basics of connecting your axe to any equipment… I won't even explain what's wrong, and why the interface is totally okay. Google it.
  7. mr-es335

    mr-es335 New Member

    Good day,

    No issues here at all...three different systems, three different interfaces...
  8. That's because you've read about what Hi-Z means in before to start either using your interfaces or complaining about the interface not working with an instrument plugged in wrong.
  9. Rick Potter

    Rick Potter New Member

    I use GFX with U-Phoria UMC22 interface as standalone with no DAW, and all the Audio settings show sound working. Sometimes my guitar sounds great, but most often does not work. Anyone have any advice to make it work more consistently? I'm ready to pay for it, but if it cannot work consistently, I'm bummed. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!!
  10. ldemon

    ldemon New Member

    Same with me.
    I'm using a M-Audio Fast Track Pro-Interface. Since I updated the standalone player doesn't work anymore.
    There's an input signal showing when strumming the guitar and when I click the "Test output"-button I can hear a tone, but no guitar sound...
    The plug-in still works.
  11. ldemon

    ldemon New Member

    Update: I just tried again and plugged my guitar in channel 1 of my Fast Track Pro interface: It works!
    On channel 2 it's still not working (input signal is there but no output) - strange...
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  12. Virgy

    Virgy New Member

    buongiorno sto usando come interfaccia Focusrite solo praticamente non riesco a gestire volume base e chitarra man mano che suono la chitarra sparisce ed il potenziometro no funziona più ho fatto diversi settaggi ma niente aiuto!!!