ToneLib GFX & ToneLib Jam 4.7.5 are now available for download!

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    What's new:
    • Completely new Rndl Amp Suite including:
      • Rndl T2 based on Randall T2 high-gain amplifier;
      • Rndl Lynch based on Randall Lynch Box;
      • Rndl Warchief based on classic Randall Warhead.
    • Brand-new Tube Warmth effect pedal aimed on bringing TL GFX sound even closer to its tube analogues;
    • New guitar cabinet with over 300 impulse responses featuring a selectable microphone model;
    • Support for Windows 11;
    • Support for macOS 12 Monterey;
    • Some DSP improvement;
    • Improved the quality of oversampling filters;
    • Windows and Linux hiDPI scaling improvements;
    • Optimize CPU usage on AVX2-capable processors;

    What's fixed
    • Some VST3 issues;
    • AU parameter normalization issue;
    • WASAPI exclusive mode sample rate selection bug;
    • GUI-related hiccups;
    • Misc bug fixes and stability improvements.