Tonelib is free or not?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Johny White, Aug 14, 2021.

  1. Johny White

    Johny White New Member

    I`m begginer in this but I need to know is this progrm is free or not?
  2. TCman

    TCman New Member

    Yeah it's free, just click the downloads link at the top of this site.
  3. Johny White

    Johny White New Member

    What about this? Is it means that after 30 days you have to pay to use program? :oops:

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  4. Greum

    Greum Member

    Tonelib is free, there is other software that you have to pay for.
  5. wayoutwest

    wayoutwest New Member

    Bad info?
    Tonelib editor for Zoom MultiEffects might be free, but - Tonelib GFX 'standalone' does not appear to be free , certainly not any longer. which is why Johny posted a screenshot with his question.

    I just paid for mine. Not much - 36 bones or so. Incredible value, but not 'free'.
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  6. Greum

    Greum Member

    My bad. I meant to say Tonelib Zoom was free but GFX was not.
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  7. wayoutwest

    wayoutwest New Member

    yeah, nice one dude, just thougt best clear it up. They did move the goalposts after all.
  8. Marauder Music

    Marauder Music New Member

    Apologies to anyone who I may have made think this was free out there that may stop in. At first I thought it was free.

    Its price is worth it IMO, I paid for it after a week. Very happy thus far! Simple, non resource hog, love the tones.
  9. davidtaylors

    davidtaylors Well-Known Member

  10. davidtaylors

    davidtaylors Well-Known Member

    For the money this is a great investment. You will pay more for 1 tank of gas then the lifetime license for this product. Get the license and start playing and making tones. Hell, it also has a looper so you can jam with yourself. GET SOME!