ToneLib Jam Absolutely Great Program

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    ToneLib Jam is an Absolutely Great Program for practicing. I can set up small practice drills and exercises easily that allows me to hear what they should sound like (weird rhythms and timing have always been my problem, pitch not so much), and being able to slow them down until i manage to get my muscle memory to be able to handle them is brilliant. (And the whole being able to see real music for Rocksmith is just on another level :) )

    I have one question(/request) though - is there any way to choose different input ASIO channels other than 1+2? [EDIT] User error :) Solved - My HX Stomp ASIO Drivers had an issue. Now I can select 3+4 as input. Duh!

    Some background to my method, i use a Helix HX Stomp as my interface. Channels 1+2 always have Direct Monitoring (i haven't found a way to disable this, although i may be missing something) on them so you get a slight "reverb" effect when the return signal from the computer is is sent back (HX Stomp has a very low/non existent hardware latency). I have a work around splitting the effect signal path to A main/direct monitoring and turning the output volume on this path off. Then on the split i send the effects to path B Aux out on ASIO inputs 3+4 to the computer. This allows me to to hear the the return signal on Channels 1+2 (which gets inserted back into the HX Stomps signal chain just before the output) from the computer without the Direct Monitoring of the HX Stomp getting in the way (and producing a weird reverby/latency effect).

    And once again thank you for your wonderful piece of software and time.
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