ToneLib JAM and ToneLib GFX for Linux

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by naual, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. naual

    naual New Member

    I just downloaded both apps (already have ToneLib Zoom - works like a charm!) and...not working...:-((((

    Using Linux Mint 18.1 Serena, 64-bit, 8GB RAM, 2x256GB SSD.

    Installation is correct, all dependencies are satisfied , but when I clicked on the icon(s) nothing happened.
    Try to restart, re-install, looking for properties - not working.

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
    Can I start JACK?
    Or something else?

    Any help will be more then welcome!

    With best regards!
  2. Tonelib

    Tonelib Member

    Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this bug in my workstation and I don't know how to go about finding out the problem :(. I did a fresh install of Linux Mint 18.1 Serena (64) using the installer and the ToneLib Jam works fine for me.

    ToneLib Jam may be run on top of an audio system (Jack or ALSA). With Jack is quite easy to control the latency. Go to Setup in Jack Audio Connection Kit and a tune periods, a period size and a sample rate. The 5msec latency must be fine.
  3. naual

    naual New Member


    Thank You for quick response!

    It's a very strange indeed...
    Anyway, when I start ToneLib GFX from command line I receive error - "Illegal instruction"
    And when I install ToneLib GFX (or JAM) with GDebi, installer actually install app twice!
    Via terminal is OK.

    Must be JACK started before or after running ToneLib GFX (JAM)?
    Is it possible that my USB audio interface make error (Steinberg UR22mkII)?
    Or my computer just refuse to start app, without any reason (well known behaivour from Windows environment)?

    I have installed some audio software - Ardour, Tracktion 7, Rosegarden, Tractor etc...
    Is it possible that this software make errors?

    I'm still trying...:)

  4. wcguitar

    wcguitar New Member

    I have been trying to start GFX an JAM for several days on my Mint 18.3 Cinnamon installs...two different pcs, and both apps do the same thing (basically nothing). I have updated the systems and reinstalled the apps, still nothing. The Zoom app works fine on these Mint installs. Still hoping/trying...its not only you...these are complicated and very useful apps and I appreciate the developers work on them...:cool:
  5. naual

    naual New Member

    Ah, good to see I'm not alone:)

    Well, what I actually do?
    I make a fresh install of Linux Mint on other computer, Lenovo laptop, nothing to install, just fresh full installation including updates and patches, and GFX and JAM still not running:-(

    But, as member wcguitar says - these are complicated and very useful apps and I appreciate the developers work on them...

    As long time Zoom user (from GFX time 'till now) GFX and JAM for Linux is all I need:)

    So, I hope developers found a way to start GFX and JAM on Linux:)

    But, I have one question for developers - is it possible to make some kind of "portable" app, in Linux is called AppImage?

    Maybe some files needed for GFX and JAM are not present on my installation, and AppImage can have it all...just idea...

  6. Tonelib

    Tonelib Member

    naual, wcguitar,

    Thank you for your comments! We have managed to reproduce this issue, which seems to only occur in the latest release on Linux Mint. I am sure we will be able to come up with a fix soon.
  7. naual

    naual New Member

    No problem at all my friend:)

    Your contribution and effort to Zoom community is priceless:)

  8. wcguitar

    wcguitar New Member

    Thanks for your work on these apps...have a great day...
  9. Tonelib

    Tonelib Member

    naual, wcguitar,

    In order to address compatibility issues with Linux Mint 18.x, please download the latest versions (3.5.3) of the applications from our web-site. Thank you again for your reports and help in getting this fixed!
  10. naual

    naual New Member

    I really don't know what to say except THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!
    Works like a charm, ToneLib GFX is AMAZING, brilliant sound, no latency, cracking noises....absolutely perfect!

    Try to recording guitars, sounds impressive...

    So, once again, thank you VERY VERY MUCH for your effort and time to fix Ubuntu distribution:)

    And I have one question:

    Is it, somehow, possible to make something like multi-processor effect using ToneLib GFX?
    Raspberry PI3 (or something else FPGA based) with some kind of touch display and some minimal Ubuntu distro, just with JACK and audio drivers?

    I'm first who gladly pay for something like that - sound is AMAZING, much bettter then many others multi GFX:)

    Any idea?
    Pro's and con's?
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  11. Tonelib

    Tonelib Member

    I think that is no big problem :). Personally, I like what guys from have done (MusicOS). NAMM 2019:

    But... the software stability and sound quality is our first priority right now :).
  12. wcguitar

    wcguitar New Member

    All three apps now working great on Mint 18.3 install. As Valentine Michael Smith once said, "Thou art God, I am God, all that groks is God." and you guys grok...
  13. naual

    naual New Member

    Yeah, I agree:)

    MusicOS seems like to be a really big stuff:)
    We are living in a very exciting time, just 5 years ago stuff like this will be in SF domain:)

    I'm not so good in hardware (I have a knowledge, but, aparently, not enough:)), so my next question maybe is funny or dumb, but...who cares:)

    Anyway, is it possible to make something like, I don't know, Helix,Mooer G200/300 or similar multi effects processor for guitar, but based on ToneLib GFX and Raspberry PI3/FPGA/MusicOS ?

    You have a hell of a GUI, sound is more than impressive (believe me, I try/bought/have almost all available guitar multi-effect processors on the market), so make ToneLib GFX as hardware guitar multi-effect processor will be IMHO real deal:)

    I'm working almost whole day, recording etc... - stability is OK, no crashes, collaboration with JACK is well done:)
    There's a little noise on high gain, but I found a way how to eliminate (put guitar in a Zoom G1Xon where ZNR is active and...voila - no noise anymore:))

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  14. Tonelib

    Tonelib Member

    If you mean a device like this:
    there's no problem about it. Originally, Tonelib-Gfx was designed with an ability of running without GUI and being externally controlled by MIDI.

    As for hi-gain noises, we're intent to add new Noise Gate effect (ExtremeNg?) with the upcoming update, which will have wide variety of settings.
  15. naual

    naual New Member

    Yes, I thought about similar device:)

    Of course this device will be able to run in front of amp, not like audio interface?

    One question - the parameter controls for pedals, amps etc.. in non-GUI scenario will be possible through MIDI controller, or over the knobs on the device, or any other way?

    In case of live gig scenario, must be a possibilities to change parameters on the fly:)

    And how complicated is included touch screen with full GUI to be a part of device something like this: