ToneLib JAM and ToneLib GFX for Linux

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  1. I'm on the latest version.
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    I use Debian Stretch 9.9 and recently managed to get ToneLib Jam to install. I was not able to in the past due to a dependency failure. The libgl1-mesa-glx currently for Stretch was not up to date.

    However, I added the backports repo and with the command 'sudo apt-get -t stretch-backports install libgl1-mesa-glx" the depency was satisfied and ToneLib Jam and ToneLib GFX both installed. ToneLib GFX works perfectly however ToneLib Jam crashes if I use any of the items on the Menu bar (File, Edit, View, Track or any others items on the bar will crash). Everything else works apart from the menu bar.

    I also got this error when running from command line
    ~$ ToneLib-Jam
    xprop: error: No window with name Tonelib Jam - Untitled exists!

    using this command helps 'strace ToneLib-Jam 2>/dev/null'
  3. oddyolynx

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    new version 3.9.0 works perfect in Debian now, no more crashing when using the File, Edit, View, etc menus
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    v3.9.9 crashes on (Arch) Linux as soon as I click on some dialogue.
    Debugging with strace reveals that the stucture of the config folder has changed. Deleting '~/.config/Gadwin/Tonelib Jam' doesn't help.
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