Tonelib Jam Not Going Between 3D view and Tab View

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Link1nTime, Dec 1, 2022.

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    The only issue that I've found with Tonelib Jam is when I go to 3D view, I can't go back to tab view. The software just gets stuck with a loading wheel that continuously spins. I would like some help with this minor issue. I want to practice in 3D view, but I also need to learn the tablature for guitar as well. Thanks for your help.

    I am on RedHat Linux and using the default settings in Tonelib Jam. The screenshot doesn't show the mouse cursor, but it is a spinning wheel, and it doesn't leave 3D view, and I can't do anything more with the software. I have to force quit the software and reopen it to use the software again.

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    If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I am still encountering this issue. Could it be a setting in Tonelib Jam? I found that if I stay in tab view I can switch to any song that I want, but if I go to 3D view and try to load a different song the software freezes and I have to close it completely to fix it. Thanks for anyone's help on this issue.
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    The solution I found for this is to use the buttons on the top right to switch views, not the dropdown menu options.
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    I was using the buttons on the top right to switch my views and was encountering this issue. I could try the drop down menu to verify the issue still persists. Thanks for your suggestion.