Tonelib Jam - Scanning 3rd Party Plugins on macOS Ventura fails

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Otter, Nov 9, 2022.

  1. Otter

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    Using Tonelib Jam version 4.7.7 (Trial) on Intel macOS Ventura on a MacBook Pro, if I go to Options and Audio Plugins and then hit the "Scan for new or updated plugins" button, the results is that it finds all of the plugins made by manufacturer "Apple" but fails to load ALL of my third-party plugins, including Guitar Rig, Reaper (if only it would load Reaper's reastream host then I could work around this problem by hosting anything else within reastream), Omnisphere, Equator, sforzando, STrobe2, Band-in-a-Box, etc. These are pretty common plugins and they all work fine with my two DAWs (Reaper and Ableton Live) so I think the problem lies with Tonelib Jam. Here's the error box it shows.

    Tonelib Jam Plugin Scan Error.png
  2. Otter

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    UPDATE: I purchased and registered/activated my install of Tonelib Jam just in case it was the trial phase that was causing the problem, but that did not help.
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    UPDATE: I just installed ToneLib GFX, Metal, NoiseReducer, TubeWarmth and BassDrive and using ToneLib Jam to scan for plugins succeeds at adding those ToneLib plugins to its list of available plugins, however all of the aforementioned 3rd party plugins (such as Guitar Rig, etc) fail to load with the same error message in the above screenshot.