ToneLib Jam - Small enhancements

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    New user here in first few days of trial. very interested so far and I am very impressed, nice work on this app! in a bit of my use, here's some feedback and enhancements for a new user.

    1. Make the looping easier to do - should just be a single click, or a keyboard short-cut. instead of the pop-up, or maybe separate loop settings from setting a loop.
    2. Unless I am missing it, a mute all would be great, especially on some of the GPX that have 20 tracks and I only want 1-3 to play.
    3. If there was a way to keep the external plugin open while I navigate to other parts of the app, such as mixer... it closes down the plugins... e.g. I use Helix Native as my virtual rig, it works great but I would love to always have it up and be able to change my presets.
    4. Recent files/songs doesn't work unless you save the song. e.g. if I open a GPX or Rocksmith file... it doesn't actually stay in the list of recent songs, could you make it remember all files that were opened?
    5. For looping, it would be nice, but not critical to loop more finer than a full bar.
    6. With MP3's a thing of the past, everything is now streaming services; the ability to add a backing track from YouTube or one of the major services would be fantastic... this is likely a challenge to do within copywrite; maybe it's just playing the audio directly from the service so it still gets counted as a "play" and stays withing licensing and use. ripping it to a file would be a violation... but maybe there is a way to align the files to the YouTube audio and set start point and beats accordingly as a streaming backing track.
    7. It would be great if you could select multiple notes or an entire string and change. e.g. if I want to move 200 notes on the E string across the song, there's no way I've found to bulk-select and edit. Transpose only works across all notes.