Tonelib used to find my guitar but now it don't

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Matt Walton, Jun 23, 2022.

  1. Matt Walton

    Matt Walton New Member

    hello, i have been using tonelib for a while now, it was working fine, then today it stopped working with my input device(usb guitar) mic. windows still finds the guitar and i can turn it on(listen to device) and i hear it, however anytime i try to set it to that device(named guitar) the program just says an error occured "Couldn't open the input device"
    it worked fine yesterday and the CABLE is working with other programs such as revalver and other recording software "FL Studio"
    It must be something wrong with the application because it works on any other program. i have restarted many many times. still tonelib Can't connect even after windows update...

    my specs
    usb mic (guitar cord)
    32gig ram
    i9 processor

  2. Matt Walton

    Matt Walton New Member

    Tried a second cord and same issue with a brand new cord. whats up with this program? :(
  3. Jean C.Guion

    Jean C.Guion Well-Known Member

    windows probably updated and changed your usb or default sound settings...
    check those first...if not..
    check midi synth generator in the system settings...
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  4. Matt Walton

    Matt Walton New Member

    You are right, it was a driver that was installed causing the issue. Typical microsoft update. :/
    after removing the usb update its working again. Thankyou
  5. stone

    stone New Member

    im having the same issue with this . can you direct me where i can find this. im not that computer savy.

  6. Matt Walton

    Matt Walton New Member

    look in windows update for an update from semiconductor inc it will be named PORTS it was an update few weeks ago. this update seems to cause issues on windows 10. there should be youtube videos how to remove a windows (optional) update.
  7. LOL. Old school (thnk WarGames) IT guy here- ALWAYS check cables, then drivers/software. Its so much worse now that every device has a driver, and WIndows tries to do its own damn thing, too.
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  8. Matt Walton

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