Tonelib VST plugin MIDI control

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  1. Jaime Gonzalez

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    How to control VST plugin via MIDI?

    Hi, I am very happy with the Tonelib GFX sound. I usually make the preset changes with a MIDI controller (Meloaudio MIDI commander). However, when I use it as a plugin in Reaper, I can't get the plugin to show the available MIDI controllers and therefore I can't make preset changes.

    Stanalone Tonelib:


    VST plugin in Reaper:


    Reaper preferences MIDI devices setup:


    VST Plugin MIDI options waiting for MIDI message:

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  2. Bruj0

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    I have the same problem. The midi controller works perfectly for me in Tonelib GFX, but when I want to use it to control it as a VST plugin from Tolenib JAM, it doesn't allow me to make assignments.

    Can anyone control the VST GFX plugin from Tonelib JAM?
  3. Luciopooh

    Luciopooh New Member

    probably it does not accept program changes but only control changes ... maybe .. I also have the same problem even in the stand alone version... solutions?
  4. tonelibwlk

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    Not sure if this is what you want,
    (definitely not sure if this is the best/preferred way),
    but here is what I was just able to get working in Ardour on Linux.

    I have an audio track using the ToneLib-GFX VST3 (GFX) plugin.

    I also created a separate midi track. For the midi track, I also created an automation lane for Controller 102, Channel 1, and also an automation lane for Controller 103, Channel 1 (I will use these for "Prev bank" and "Next bank", respectively. I created a region for the midi track as well, but not sure if this is necessary... it might be, in Ardour.

    In the GFX window, I hit the "Show Plugin Pin Management Dialog" button, which gives me something like this:


    On the right, I enable "Sidechain", and add a MIDI sidechain input (bottom right). Then I connect the sidechain output to the GFX MIDI input (the red connector).

    I start looping a section for setup and testing. In the "MIDI" config for GFX, I hit the "+" for "Prev bank", so it's waiting for a trigger, and I move the slider for the Controller 102 lane. GFX recognized this. Then did the same thing with "Next bank" and the Controller 103 lane. So I have:

    In the looped area, I added an automation point in the 102 lane, and another in the 103 lane, and as it plays the loop, it ping pongs back and forth between the two banks.

    Let me know if that helped.
  5. Luciopooh

    Luciopooh New Member

    I use meloadio midi pedalboard connected to the sound card, I don't use daw, I work in windows, I open tonelib in stand alone, I just want to change presets but it doesn't, the only thing it does is activate and deactivate the pedals via the counter changes , but the preset change with the program changes does not and does not even accept the commands unlike the control changes which instead have no problems. in my opinion it's a bug they still don't fix