Tonelib zoom for Android closes when selecting the menu

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Gärry, Feb 19, 2023.

  1. Gärry

    Gärry New Member

    Hi, after Installation of the tone lib app on my Android devices it works as expected, as long as i connect only always the same MS-60B to the Android Device. But after connecting another MS-60B (I wanted to copy the whole settings from one device to the other via backup/restore file) the app closes, as soon as I try to select the menu on the top left or on the right side the (?). This is then independent, which of the MS-60B is connected at this time.
    The only way, to get it working again, seems then to be to delete the app from the phone and install it again.
    With the PC App, this Problem is not visible.
  2. Gärry

    Gärry New Member

    Just a little addition to the problem description, in case, no MS 60b is connected to the Android device, the menu is accessable, but then of cause without the save/restore backup file option
  3. Earl Brown

    Earl Brown New Member

    What Android device are you using?

    I can't get Zoom to install on any of mine. :(