ToneLib Zoom LINUX: Error Unable to read "Zoom B3n" presets

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by dave sisley, May 3, 2019.

  1. dave sisley

    dave sisley New Member

    I am running Ubuntu 18.04 and have installed ToneLib Zoom 3.7.6. I am trying to connect to my Zoom B3n pedal, which is running firmware 1.0.0.

    The application starts fine, but when I connect my B3n pedal via USB, an error message pops up:

    Unable to read "Zoom B3n" presets

    As far as I can tell, the pedal is connected to my computer, but is not mounted. I can see it is connected via the lsusb command.

    I was thinking that maybe it was trying to mount it as an audio device, rather than a storage device, so I tried to set up a UDEV rule to set that - but it seems to make no difference.

    Via 'lsusb -t', I see the device wants to load as 'Class=audio, Driver=snd-usb-audio'.

    Maybe that's not even the problem?

    I would be grateful for any feedback anyone might provide. I'd be happy to provide more info if that would help. Thanks.

  2. Boscorelli

    Boscorelli Member

    Try a different USB cable. Some of them can only do charging (i.e. cable has only 2 wires in it) and others can communicate via USB (i.e. cable has 4 or more wires in it).
  3. dave sisley

    dave sisley New Member

    Thanks for the tip, but I already made that mistake -- I am using a data cable, and as I said my computer can see that the B3n is attached.

    ToneLib can see it connect as well. With ToneLib running, when I turn on the pedal and then connect via USB, ToneLib thinks for a bit, then displays a pop-up error with the message from my original post: 'Unable to read "Zoom B3n" presets".

    At that point I can click the OK button on the pop-up, but can't do anything else in ToneLib.

  4. dave sisley

    dave sisley New Member

    I was able to connect my B3n to a windows laptop and used Zoom's Guitar Lab software to update the firmware on the pedal from 1.00 to 2.00. I then connected it to my Linux desktop and started ToneLib Zoom. It no longer shows the error message, but instead it seems to have connected correctly - I can now access the patches and device effects.

    So there is apparently a problem connecting the B3n to ToneLib Zoom if the pedal is using firmware version 1.00, at least in Ubuntu.

    Now its time to fool around.