Tonelib Zoom support for A1/A1X FOUR

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Greum, Nov 19, 2021.

  1. Greum

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    I suspect this has been asked before but I can't find a thread. Is Tonelib Zoom and these forums going to support the A1/A1X FOUR any time soon?
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  2. ADRStudio

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    Have you tried ? Analyzing how G1X Four works I deduct that A1X/A1X Four use the same hardware and firmware, they are just configured differently from the factory.

    If you tried and ToneLib does not recognize the A1X and I'm correct probably is just the hardware ID on the SysEx message on the communication protocol, very easy to implement.

    This is what I think but I may be wrong.
  3. Greum

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    Thanks ADRStudio. That's helpful. I have been holding off getting an A1X because it's not clear. It doesn't help that the forum staff don't get involved in discussions here :(
  4. ADRStudio

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    I'm not sure if will work, anyway Zoom Guitar Lab is good too. The big difference between Guitar Lab and TuneLib is that on TuneLib you can save the setting and backup to disk and on Guitar Lab you also can save but not on disk, it on it's on memory.

    Anyway you will be well covered with Guitar Lab, if TuneLib also works, better :)
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  5. Greum

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    Thanks, again! Yes, I have Guitar Lab, too. I have a G1 FOUR and have found several of the patches members here have posted very helpful.
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  6. Robertstona

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  7. Mr. Bacon

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    In Guitar Lab one can drag the backup-files on to a harddrive directory to save them.
    Just put the 2 windows next to each-other and drag the file over.
  8. ADRStudio

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    Thanks, I notice that, is really cool. You can do it on both ToneLib and Zoom Guitar.
  9. Fiddleman

    Fiddleman New Member

    I'm on a Mac -- where does Guitar Lab store its backup files?

    Also, could ToneLib PLEAS support A1 Four and A1X Four in addition to G1 Four and G1X Four? Please!?
  10. electrotune

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    Why not just use the Guitar Lab on Mac, you already have it installed, right?

    As for the backup in GL, quoting from the user manual pdf (p.17):
    • Select multiple patches to back up by holding down the Cmd key (Mac) /Ctrl key (Win) as you click them.
    • Export patches by dragging and dropping them outside the application window.
    • Import patches by dragging and dropping their files into the application window.
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