Tonelib-Zoom-Win64 ver 4.0.1.msi Problem(s)

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    1. Online Patches no longer download to my Zoom G1X Four from the Tonelib website. I click "Load to Device" and "OK" - no change on my G1X Four?! I reverted back to Tonelib-Zoom-Win64 ver 3-8-5 free.

    2. Automatic logon to the website continues to fail when clicking on "Online Patches". This happens in version 3.8.5 as well as version 4.0.1 .
    After it fails, I re-enter my password and it logs on.

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    UPDATE: I just noticed the file I tried to download was a *.zg1f (as opposed to a *.zg1xf).
    Was that functionality taken away on purpose?
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    I experience the same problem with Zoom G1 Four (FW 2.0) and it persists on ToneLib V 4.3.1. It seems as the patches got somewhat confused in the process of temporarily changing them, and as a result won't be saved correctly in the device. (FIY the autosave setting in the G1 is turned on but that doesn't make any difference.)

    The 'Sound check' itself works flawlessly and transfers the online patch settings temporary into the device for testing. When I try 'Load to device' the new patch name shows up correctly in the appearing pop-up list but as soon as I click OK as confirmation, the effect on the device is reverted. But it does not get reverted to the patch that was stored in the device under the current number, it gets reverted to the patch that was choosen when entering into the 'online patches' mode. When I return into the editor and choose another patch number in the software, the editor even ask me if I want to save the changes and, if confirmed, saves the initially chosen patch to the current patch number.

    So I assume something gets mixed up with the temporarily stored patches and instead saving the desired online patch, the patch that was choosen when entering into 'online patches' is pushed back onto the device. It is not saved there automatically but ToneLib recognizes the temporarily changed patch until the patch is switched to another on the device itself.

    I hope that helps pinpointing the problem because the simple importing of online patches is a phantastic piece of functionality in this really helpful software! :)
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