Tonelib-Zoom-Win64 ver 4.1.0.msi Problem(s)

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    1. Automatic logon to the Toneline website fails, but in a new way. First when I try "Online Patches" and click to LOGON, the screen clears and goes right back to the Editor. The second time I try "Online Patches", I get the "Invalid Password" window. Now I enter the same password again and it logs on.
    2. I can not download a patch from the website. The SOUND CHECK works, however, DOWNLOAD does not.

    I tested with Firmware 1.1 and Firmware 2.0 - both versions are now recognized by Tonelib, so that works.

    From my limited testing on the G1X Four, I believe the bug is in the LOGON processing because DOWNLOAD and LOGON are failing - both would execute logon processing, correct?
    ADDENDUM: I was thinking about this...the bug might be an uninitialized variable for AM-I-LOGGED-ON. The code that checks if you are already logged on is where I'd start looking for an error.
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    More Info: It's got to be a problem with un-initialized variables in the program.
    I just uploaded a patch to the website. The first time I tried, I got an error message. The second time, it worked. However, now there were two posts on the website. (I tried to delete them both). BTW, I never had a problem uploading patches in version 3.8.5.
    Then - get this - I clicked on "Online Patches" and it brought me to the website! First time that ever happened! (in any version of Tonelib).
    Tried to DOWNLOAD the patch I had just uploaded and that still did not work.
    So - just as a test - I shutdown Tonelib, and restarted it. When it restarted, I clicked on "Online Patches", and got the original problem (1.) all over again.
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