Tony Iommi 1970's

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    Tony Iommi 1970's
    Device: Zoom G1X Four
    Firmware: 2.00

    Name on device: IommiAMP
    Optimized for: Guitar Amp

    Effects chain:

    Patch comments:
    Amp tone for 70's black sabbath. I based it around the tone at from ausbry park in 1975 because it sounds great. I have my treble booster after this, so if you aren't using an overdrive or tube screamer it wont sound right. I have my amp in the clean channel, settings all on twelve o'clock bar bass and presence which are slightly lower. If anyone decides to tweak this around/add an overdrive into the chain on the pedal, please post to this forum as i'd like to see - especially if your guitar has p90s! I use an ep les paul with humbuckers, on the neck pickup which is what tony used, not the bridge.

    Effect: "ZNR" (Dynamics), active - "yes"
    "Detect" = EFXIN
    "Depth" = 100
    "Threshold" = 80 (should be lower)
    "Decay" = 0

    Effect: "MS 1959" (Amp simulator), active - "yes"
    "Bass" = 0
    "Middle" = 100
    "Treble" = 100
    "Presence" = 100
    "Input1" = 75
    "Input2" = 30
    "Volume" = 100

    Effect: "MS4x12GB" (Cabinet), active - "yes"
    "MIC" = OFF
    "D57: D421" = 0
    "Hi" = 65
    "Lo" = 30

    Effect: "SuperCho" (Modulation), active - "no"
    "Depth" = 50
    "Rate" = 50
    "Tone" = 50
    "Mix" = 42

    Effect: "ChromeWah" (Pedal), active - "no"
    "Frequency" = 50
    "Range" = 50
    "Dry" = 0
    "Volume" = 44
    Patch Volume: 42
    DSP Load: 60%

    Note: This is a patch file, you will need to download and install the ToneLib-Zoom software to use the patch.

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