Trying to install ToneLib-GFX on UBUNTU

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by yessuh, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. yessuh

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    I love the product.

    I'd like to install ToneLib-GFX on my small, UBUNTU laptop - it's a lot more portable than my LARGE laptop. I got it installed without incident, but I'm trying to use my AI with it and having no success.

    I have a Behrenger UMC2020HD. How can I get ToneLib-GFX to recognize it?
  2. Andriy

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    ToneLib-GFX doesn't interact with your device directly, rather it uses either ALSA sound subsystem or JACK low latency sound server to capture/produce sound.
    JACK also uses ALSA for low-level things. So, to my understanding, your issue could be clarified as ALSA-related. Outside of ToneLib-GFX, does ALSA detects your device correctly ? Can you play system sounds to your device or capture from it ?
  3. Audio Pirate Studio

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    Hi, i suggest you to install cadence that is an utilty for run jack (the audio server) and had several tool also for routing. Try 48Khz and 128 frame with 2 or 3 period for a good latency but this setting depend from how powerfull is your laptop. You need to try.
    Don't forget, after jack and tonelib are running, setting from the audio option of tonelib to select jack and down below the correct input and output.
    I run tonelib in manjaro and run flawless also as a plugin in ardour.
    Hope this is usefull