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  1. leg42

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    Hi. where to put the translation language file in ubuntu ?
    куда поместитъ языковой фаил перевода в убунту ?
  2. CarlosSantos

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    I hope it is not too late, although it may serve for futures. On my PC I have lubuntu 20.04 installed, but it is more or less the same in all ubuntu-based distros. To me it appears in the following route /home/"tu_nombre_de_usuario"/.config/Gadwin/Shared/languages/tonelib_gfx_4 In that folder you put the file *.gfx_lang Notice that on Linux hidden folders have a dot in front, so you'll need to configure your file manager to make the hidden folder visible. Best regards
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  3. leg42

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    it's time to replace linux. (AVL_MXE 2021)
    Your comment was exactly in place. super.Thank you
  4. Víctor-Cordero

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    Dos años después, agradeciendo por acá. me sirvió de mucho. Mi ingles es nulo, google traslate

    Two years later, thanking you here. It helped me a lot. My English is zero, (google translate)