Unofficial firmware :) hint hint

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  1. Rockaxe

    Rockaxe New Member

    Just wondering what the chances of there being any UNOFFICIAL firmware available for our units

    I have a G1Xon ver. 1.21 and would love to test out ANY upgrades hehehe.

    I used to have an old digitech pedal and a person was developing UNOFFICIAL firmware .

    Gotta love goodies
  2. Tennn

    Tennn New Member

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  3. Rockaxe

    Rockaxe New Member

    Hell Yeah!! I will check it out!!
    Thanks Man
  4. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy New Member

    Thanks! I would like to change drum patterns. How can I do it?
  5. Rockaxe

    Rockaxe New Member

    Wow Tennn this is amazing stuff, I have already loaded all the bass stuff into My G1xon, if it could only cross read some of the other pedals it would be good, I would like to hold of the G1on-AK and G1on-K firmware to see if there are any extra model fifferences :)

    Thanks Man!!
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  6. Alex

    Alex New Member

    Hy man. Where did you get the bass stuff from? Was it the B1xOn? If it was, could you please share some effects with me? I'd like to have these presets on my g1xon: AutoPan, Ba Synth, StdSyn, SynTlk, V-Syn, 4VoiceSyn, Z-Syn, Z-Organ, Defret, TrgHldDly. Thank you :)
  7. Rockaxe

    Rockaxe New Member

    Hey Alex, Just follow the Vid and Github link posted by tennn, above. works great
  8. Rockaxe

    Rockaxe New Member

    Man this is so cool, I just replaced the Kick and snare drum Raw files with some I edited and now it slays ,!!!!
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  9. Tennn

    Tennn New Member

    The drum pattern editor is under construction. Currently you can just replace/rename raw-files in order to change drum sound.

    I have replaced kicks and snares too. And replaced "clap" sound with a snare drum. By the way, it's possible to completely remove the drum sounds in order to get more space for effects. :)

    You can extract bass effects (ZDL-files) from B1on, B1Xon or MS-60B firmware.
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  10. Rockaxe

    Rockaxe New Member

    Hey Tennn, I know The editor cant load ZD2 files into G1on etc but will there be a way to convert any of the ZD2 into ZDL files, I mean, if there is any point to it?
  11. srmourasilva

    srmourasilva New Member

    Zoom G3 and G5 have plugins that other devices do not have:
    • Comp+OD
    • Comp+Phsr
    • Comp+AWah
    • Cho+Dly
    • Dly+Rev
    • Cho+Rev
    • FLG+VCho
    I saw on the website that there is no prospect of adding support for these devices. Do they have any limitations?

    Something that I find strange is that some of the G3 / G5 plugins have fewer parameters (they do not have 'tail' in reverb and delays).

    I created a comparative list of effects. I did not put all of electric bass (MS60bt / B1).
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  12. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy New Member

    Do you know which files contain the definitions of drum patterns?
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  13. srmourasilva

    srmourasilva New Member

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  14. Teacobouy

    Teacobouy Member

    i used it and transformed my g5n into a on attempt to install on my new laptop it says

    trial installation expired

    so doesnt install...anyone know how to solve that?
  15. LST

    LST New Member

    Hi Rockaxe

    Where can I find more information about this UNOFFICIAL Digitech firmware?

    Thank you
    Luciano ST
  16. rugge78

    rugge78 New Member

    I have modified firmware with some B3 Amps. I uploaded the firmware but I don't see the new models when I scroll G3n list. Any hint?
  17. S234k

    S234k New Member

    Is there any way to do the same in G1x four?.. and chain more than 5 effects at once??
  18. rgptonelib

    rgptonelib New Member

    Can I convert an G3x into a B3??