Upgrade from G1 Four to G3n/G3Xn - good choice?

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    Since I started to play guitar again for about four years ago I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Special II with an tiny little amp not worth the name... but I bought the classic Boss DS-1 pedal, whom some loves and other hates. It gave anyway some great distortion that I needed.

    After some months I decided to buy a Vox Stomplab 2G, and I was quite happy with it, sounded quite good, but was a pain to handle. Later last year when I got my hands on a lovely Vintage V100 Reissued Gold Top (se my profile picture), I did also buy an Peavey Rage 158 Transtube, and at last my new love - Zoom G1 Four. From the beginning I was not so impressed. After I
    Realized that when you scratch under the surface, you realize that it is an incomparable pedal, and with a USB connection, it makes it a dream to use. And I like the built-in looper and the drum machine, even though it's on a basic level. That the G1 Four is so affordable is also a big advantage.

    But in the future I plan to invest in a model with a little better loop editing, and now that I have learned to love the G1 Four, I will buy from that brand. But does anyone have any comments on whether it is good to buy a G3 / GXn or do jump directly to a G5N?

    For me it's most important that the pedal got a good lopper/drum machine and place for many patches. I only play at home, I don't play gigs, it's only me my guitars, amp and pedal, and sometimes I record song/clips, loops, samples etc on my computer, and naturaly it's fun to create new patches on the computer.

    Very thankful for your feedback!

    -By the way, check out the brand Vintage Guitars - well built guitars with Trevor Wilkinsons guitar parts with a nice price https://vintageguitarsus.com/electric-reissued-series/ https://vintageguitarsus.com/
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