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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by PogChampGuitar, Apr 1, 2022.

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    So I recently tried to connect my zoom g1x four to both zoom guitar lab and tonelib, when I connected my device it powered on but both software couldn’t find my g1x four. I read online that the problem is that I need a usb cable that not only delivers power but transfers data, does any have a link to one? Thnks I’m advance
  2. Greum

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    Just search for usb data cable on Amazon.
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  3. Ondra

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    Strange stuff, I think that all standard USB cables can transfer data. You want to connect pedal to both apps simultaneously? It's not so easy, you have to use some 3rd party virtual midi cables/splitter, because natively only one app takes control over usb/midi connection to pedal and therefore it's not accessible to others.