Using Zoom A3 effects on B1 Four

Discussion in 'Zoom B1/B1X Four' started by Fahri, Feb 23, 2022.

  1. Fahri

    Fahri New Member

    Hello guys!

    I have been searching for an acoustic preamp solution for my upright basses (both with piezzo pick ups. I already have a B1 Four and just got myself a Zoom AC-2.

    I chose AC-2 over A3 (which is much older) due to being much less complicated and kinda more elegant looking.

    The "Body Type" rotatory switch is shared between two pedals however I am still curious about the "Model Type -> Upright Bass" selection as a patch.

    So my question today is if there would be anyway to get that effect/patch to my Zoom B1 Four.

    Or any other effect/patch from other series for that matter...

  2. Barnsey

    Barnsey New Member

    Hi. I have both the B1 four and A1 four, plus some other Zoom devices, the patches/effects/models are not interchangeable I'm afraid. The A1 four has the Upright Bass model type on it, along with a few other bass related effects. However, it also has effects for sax, trumpet, violin, harmonica and acoustic guitar. If you decide to check it out, try before you buy.

    Oof, the A3, I fell for that one, it did make a great paper-weight.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Fahri

    Fahri New Member

    Aww man! :D It sucks to hear that... I returned my AC-2 and got myself a used A3.

    A friend of mine got one as well so we tested it between two double basses with piezo pick ups against the AC-2 and the body type selector combined with modelling really helped with the original nasal voice of the piezo pick-ups.

    How ever I just noticed that AC-2 had 10M ohm input while A3 has "only" 1M ohms and I am not sure if it gets effected by the three way switch to select pick-up type.

    Zoom A1 Four has only 470k ohm input and I really need the DI functionality...

    It did thanks!