Volume and Wah Pedals recognize only ON-OFF MIDI DATA state - "0" or "127"

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    Never mind.
    My bad, issue solved.
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    what did you do to make it work?
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  3. Ben_Martin

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    In the Preferences -> MIDI -> Effects chain and Preset Navigation.
    These are the MIDI controls that recognize external MIDI hardware "Knobs" and "Switches".

    The Preset Navigation section recognize external MIDI hardware "switch on/off".
    The Effects chain recognize external MIDI hardware "rotatory Knobs".

    First you need to map your external MIDI hardware controller "Knobs" via Preferences -> MIDI -> Effects chain -> Control 1 up 8 (if you have and wish to map that many).

    Only after that, Tone-Lib "knows" about your external MIDI hardware "knobs".
    Then you'll be allowed to use those external rotatory controls (from 1 up to 8) in the Guitar Presets chain. Just use the MIDI Learn feature on the Knob you wish your pedal (external MIDI hardware "knobs") to control and assign it.
    That's it.
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    Awesome. Thanks bro. Will try when I get home.

    WORKED!!!! awesome man thanks so much
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    Glad I could help.
    Stay safe (Covid19).
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    Great! Thank You :)