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  1. Geoffrey

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    I am new to ToneLib and to the world of using amp/fx simulators on my computer. I have been reading about different people having vst plug-ins. A lot of these terms and concepts are new to me. Can I import these vst plug-ins to ToneLib GFX?
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    Hey there, friend.
    I'm not any kind of professional of this area, but I believe that vst's are, in fact, softwares that can be loaded inside DAW's (Digital Audio Workstations), to be used as effects to the track that was recorded or is being recorded by you. That being sad, as the GFx can't be considered a DAW, you can't load vst's on it, but if you installed it as a vst2 or vst3, you can actually load the Tonelib on DAW's.
    I'm sorry for eventual language mistakes,
    Hope this info may help you,
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    Thanks. This does help.
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    You need to download a DAW (a software to recording audio/recording studio) try reaper, it's "free" and it works great, watch some tutorials on youtube about how to arm a track for recording, even if you're not going to record anything you need to do this in order to listen the sound of the guitar and the plugins.

    A plugin or vst can be several things, a guitar effect, a vocal effect, an eq, effects for mastering,synth sounds,drums, etc, for example i use tonelib gfx as my main amp simulation, i use nadIR (another plugin) to load IR's (impulse responses/ guitar cabinet simulations) and i use guitar rig 5 for effects only, all at the same time but in order to do this you need a DAW that is the host for all those plugins/vst's

    It's way easier than it sounds, just look for tutorials in youtube (reaper: how to arm a track...how to open vst's) and remember you need an audio interface to get the best sound. Cheers!