Which patches do users consider the most useless?

Discussion in 'Zoom G1/G1X Four' started by Sean in France, Nov 10, 2022.

  1. Sean in France

    Sean in France New Member

    I need to free up space on my G1X Four. To do this, I need to get rid of some of the pre-installed patches. I’d like to know other users' thoughts about which patches are not worth keeping, either because they’re not very good or because they almost duplicate another patch. It would also be interesting to hear the forum’s member’s views on which pre-installed patches are the best and most useful.

    Many thanks in advance for your comments and opinions.
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  2. Olat

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    Patches don't take up much space, but pedals end effects do.
    If you ask me, there's no useless pedal, or patch for that matter.
    Feel free to remove any patches that sound useless to you, you can always bring them back later.
    Then, after removing the patches you don't need, see what pedals are not used anymore and consider if you need them or not. If not, remove them and you'll regain some space back.
  3. Sean in France

    Sean in France New Member

    Thank you Olat for your answer. As you probably guessed, I’m new to the Zoom G1X Four. I’ve been experimenting over the last few hours and I now understand what you mean when you say, “Patches don’t take up much space, but pedals and effects do”. I suppose we can add that amp profiles take up even more space.

    It seems strange though that Zoom designed and manufactured this product without giving it enough memory to store all the amp models, cabs, effects etc. that they make available for download. I just did a Google search to see if it’s possible to add RAM, like with a computer, but I didn’t see any mention of this, so I assume it’s impossible.
  4. gmsastre

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    Hi folks!
    I just got a G1X Four. I deleted an effect accidentally and now a few of my patches are screwed. I tried to Add it back to me device but the memory is full all of a sudden?! I'm happy to make some room by deleting but I cant determine what effect is connected to the patches?
    Does a "patch map" thing exist where it shows "How" to make the patch?
    For example, Bank 43-Surf. Whatever effect I deleted screwed it up. But I dont know what effect that was deleted. The description only says " Surf - This setting is inspired by the surf rock sound of the Beach Boys."
  5. Sean in France

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  6. viennavirus

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    effects Missing happens all the time, maybe it's not your fault.I met that problem few days ago, then I had to delete “boomer” to free up some memories space.
  7. viennavirus

    viennavirus New Member

    Also, regarding your question, you can search for the name of the patch in this forum and you will be able to find the corresponding combination