Zoom B1x Four Patch Request: Beatles & The Who

Discussion in 'Request patch' started by weez999, Feb 4, 2022.

  1. weez999

    weez999 New Member

    Looking for some patches for the sound McCartney had for the Beatles for Abbey Road and Let it Be.

    Also looking for that sound John Entwistle had between 73-78 on the albums starting with Quadrophenia and after.

    IF POSSIBLE I'd love to get the sound he had on the 1989 Tommy Tour. For this specific sound, listen to the solo during Sparks from the album "Join Together" which is this very concert. Or go to youtube and checkout this video. He had what sounds like Chorus/Compressor/Distortion in there or something. I'm more of a guitarist but a bass enthusiast on the side so I'm not sure.

    I would be so very grateful if someone could help with this. I am trying to learn this new pedal and am struggling.
  2. Bazza Bass

    Bazza Bass New Member

    Did you find anything? If not will give it a go have you got a bass or do you want to emulate on guitar?