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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by DragonX, May 8, 2019.

  1. DragonX

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    Is There Anyone Here knows about it????
  2. Boscorelli

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  3. Rockaxe

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    yup. i have loaded a lot of the bass goodies from B1on into my G1xon, and changed the drum sounds too, although that was a bit more complex,
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  4. Rockaxe

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    Rockaxe is there a possibility of recording drums or exporting from maybe EZ drummer and saving as .raw format which i noticed to be the audio format for zoom g5n?
  6. Rockaxe

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    yes there is BUUUUT, I had to convert them in audacity to .raw , its a pain in the ass.
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  10. Teacobouy

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    how about drum patterns, is it possible to change ? i got midi drum patterns better that all the old school not so modern factory patterns.
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  12. orzeszky

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    Does anyone know if Zoom G1-four is supported by Zoom Firmware Editor and will be avaiable to get patches from Zoom B1-four?
  13. Teacobouy

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    yes it is supported....you need to use firmware editor to transfer
  14. mungewell

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    Are you confirming that it worked for you (ie were able to add ZD2 effects from another pedal). Didn't work for me, but I am keen to find the solution....
  15. Atha Zaul Ghithrif

    Atha Zaul Ghithrif New Member

    seems like it doesn't work with zoom G1 Four
    have it myself try to mod it with adding stuff from g5n
    have no problem at first but when I check my multi-effect I can't find the one that I put there
    already tried to remove the GUARDZDL.ZT2 but still none
  16. rugge78

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    me also with the G3n and B3n
  17. Dedekorkut

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    So! You know the G11 is out there and I have G5n. G11 has more Amps and Cabinets modelling. I think G11 is just an minor upgraded version of G5n (Just for IR loader).

    This means that we can upload these refreshed models to G5n or not? The problem is that I have never tried this before and I have no experience. I need help!
  18. jazzrock71

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  19. nugroho

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    Does anyone here who still keeps the firmware file B1Four version 1.10. I believe the file name is B1_FOUR_v1.10_Win_E.zip. I need it to try to fetch the zd2 file. I only have version 2.00. I am confused that the B1Four firmware version 2.00 has the same effect as G1Four. thanks. Sorry for my bad English.
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  20. scott pinkham

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    I have the same problem. The video posted above could be better, they don't explain much. I need to put G1 four effects on my B1 four, please and thanks. maybe we do need the old files like you said