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  1. Teacobouy

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    Zoom Firmware editor has made it possible to hybridize Zoom G5n, i tested my Zoom G5n with a modified firmware which has all modules from Zoom AC-3 Acoustic Creator and some from Zoom B3n. Really powerful...1 effect console that handles electric guitar, bass and acoustic guitar (piezzo pickup) all with ease.

    Because of that modification GuitarLib won't be able to read your G5n or whatever modified pedal and tonelib will read the pedal but will turn blind eye on imported effects modules. This suggests that Tonelib Zoom and Zoom GuitarLib be also modified to accommodate hybridized effects consoles.

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  2. naual

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    Is there any link to download Zoom Firmware editor as precompiled binaries for Windows ?
  3. naual

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  4. jlorial

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    If I understood correctly, could I try to install the original firmware of the G3n in my B3n and turn it into a Virtual G3n?
    Or could I just do it with modified firmware?
    Where can I find documentation about it?
    Thank you.
  5. Teacobouy

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    you can swap effect modules
  6. Mod7

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    Thanks to editor, I've deleted useless (for me) effects and add a few.
    But is there a way to use bass amp sims? I've add some but the 70CDR don't show them.
    Thanks if anyone knows the answer.
  7. Teacobouy

    Teacobouy Member

    yeah i used bass and acoustic sims from latest zoom pedals
  8. Teacobouy

    Teacobouy Member

    m using g5n
  9. DonGuitarro

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    On my G1On i change the TS808 TubeScreamer from T-Scream to T-Drive (MS50G) with Zoom Firmware editor Tonelib Zoom will read the pedal but the new T-Drive effect will not be show the G1On have it on the flash memory.
  10. valiata

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    Hi. I also use a modified firmware for my Zoom MS-70CDR. The only editor that is functional and recognizes the new effects in my unit is Zoom MS utility (I tried with the standalone version not the browser based one).
    There's a catch though: on powering the unit and starting the editor it will scan for the your patches. If the current selected patch contains a modified (not native to your respective unit firmware) the program will hang and should be restarted. Otherwise it works fine, maybe a little laggy sometimes but it does the job.
  11. Tony Tabasco

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    I use also B3n patches and effects on my G5n. Works fine as long as you edit them on the G5n.

    Would be nice if ToneLib Zoom would also recognize the B3n patches and effects on my G5n - is that something I can hope for in the next update?
  12. missmiseria

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    try with the guitar lab software, apparently it recognizes modified firmware
  13. BrudnyHenryk

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    Zoom G11 has over 200 of .ZD2 effects. Just open update package by ZIP extractor.
  14. BrudnyHenryk

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    .ZD2 can be injected to B3n, G3n, G5n ...
  15. bigmalh

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    Zoom firmware editor wont recognise the g11 update as a firmware file
  16. BrudnyHenryk

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    Top Banana :cool:
  18. BrudnyHenryk

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    Just received my B3n and arleady injected all AC-3 modules and most of G11 (without amps & cabinets by now). Testing
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  19. BrudnyHenryk

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    I didn't notice that 2.20 firmware is secured against module injections :(
    Fortunately firmware 2.00 is still available at:
    I can't find v2.00 firmware for G5n (someone?), but v3.00 is dated April 2018 so it could be ok (I'm not able to test).
    I can't find oldest firmware for G11.

    Backup here:
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