Zoom G1 Four noisy output to amp or audio interface

Discussion in 'Zoom G1/G1X Four' started by TonyZ, May 11, 2021.

  1. TonyZ

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    I bought a Zoom G1 Four fx unit two weeks ago and I really like it. However it is quite noisy when using a mono jack cable to connect to a guitar amplifier (Yamaha THR10 and Blues Junior), or my recording interface (Focusrite Scarlett). It is a hissing / sizzling / popping kind of noise that gets louder as I turn up the amplifier gain / volume or audio interface input gain.

    However, when I use stereo headphones in the output instead it is completely quiet with no evidence of the noise at all.

    The noise isn’t generated by a patch as the noise is still there when a blank patch is used. I have tried a variety of different guitar cables and the noise is always there. The noise is also there with nothing plugged into the input. Thinking I had a faulty unit the shop I bought it from replaced the unit with a new one. The second unit has exactly the same issue.

    I queried the problem with the Zoom Corp website contact page a week ago and received an automated email stating a ticket has been raised but I have not had a response as yet.

    I have searched the internet / YouTube for any reference to this issue but I have found nothing, which leads me to think the shop maybe has a faulty batch.

    Has anyone else noticed this on their unit or can anyone confirm that the output to an amplifier or audio interface on their unit is silent?

    Thanks in anticipation.
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  2. TonyZ

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    Following suggestions on another forum I have done some further testing and discovered the problem.
    I have been powering it via usb from my pc and have it going into my Yamaha THR10 which is also connected via usb to my pc. With both usb cables connected I get the noise, but take one or other usb out and the noise is gone! I never considered that USB’s could be so noisy.
  3. Hell raezer

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    Running on a 9v power supply has created a lot of noise for me, so I use a phone charger battery pack and get a very silent chain especially when using a ZNR in the chain.
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  4. TonyZ

    TonyZ New Member

    I have ended up using rechargeable batteries and it is silent with them, but your idea sounds like another good option, thanks.
  5. Firas

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    Thank you so much for this! The noise was driving me crazy, and changing USB cables and guitar cables didn't help. Even connected directly to the PC (not using a USB hub) didn't help. I unplugged the G1X from the USB & computer and just plugged it into a USB power pack which eliminated all the noise. It's perfectly clean now!
  6. Stefano82

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    How long the charge of the USB power pack lasts when using it to power the Zoom G1 Four?
    Do you know how many mAh have your power pack?
  7. Firas

    Firas New Member

    My pack is 8000 mAH. I had it powering the G1X Four for at least 3 hours without running out. So very little power consumption.