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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by IanM233, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. IanM233

    IanM233 New Member


    Just wondered if there are any plans for ToneLib support for the new Zoom G1 Four. I would certainly much prefer to be using ToneLib than the GuitarLab software that Zoom offers!

  2. vermin91

    vermin91 New Member

    Yes I would also like to see this.
    Good work with the new apps, JAM and GFX.
  3. wcguitar

    wcguitar New Member

    Wondering about these new ZOOM pedals and possible support in the future. I greatly appreciate all the good work you are doing with tonelib and the other new apps...thanks...
  4. Tonelib

    Tonelib Administrator

    Yes, we have plans to support Zoom G1/G1x/B1/B1x Four (working in progress right now :)).
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  5. Floppyrom

    Floppyrom New Member

    Can you also consider the ability to easily switch the AMP OUT setting for one patch or for all patches.

    AMP OUT can be:
    • LINE Use when connected to headphones, speakers or line level inputs.
    • COMBO FRONT Use when connected to an ordinary combo amp input.
    • STACK FRONT Use when connected to an ordinary stack amp input.
    • COMBO POWER AMP Use when connected to an ordinary combo amp return.
    • STACK POWER AMP Use when connected to an ordinary stack amp return
    It would be nice if the user would be able to easily switch all his patches from LINE to COMBO FRONT for example, as one day I could connect my zoom to my speakers or to my amp.. you get the idea
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  6. Tonelib

    Tonelib Administrator

    Good idea, thanks! This feature has been added to todo list for next version.
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  7. bigmalh

    bigmalh New Member

    Hi what a lifesaver tonelib is have a g1xon and just bought a g1x four and seems no support from zoom for this new product no artist patches or new zoom patches Just have to wait til tonelib supports g1 four Hows it coming along once again many thanks for such a great program
    EDIT for wcguitars question
    when I get some time I'll compare the sounds I posted this on another forum

    Hi had my g1x four a few days now firstly lack of addition patches from zoom under guitar lab 4 ziltch second after deleting and loading effects I did a factory reset wow this only restores patches not effects had to restore one by one thirdly as on the g1xon the switch under the expession pedal needs a small bit of rubber fitting to make it reach the switch when pressed I know this is a new product but I expected some artist patches to be available i have emailed zoom but still await a reply ps I have tried loading g3n or g5n patches but it just crashes g lab 4

    I am looking forward to tonelb supporting g1four as guitar lab is very prone to crashing and hopefully there ill be more patches available
    at the moment i'm not sure that the g1 four is an improvement over the g1on less patches and the problem I mentioned about loading and unloading the fx in memory also with autosave on there is no way back after you alter an effect factory restore DOES NOT restore effects This maybe fixed in a firmware update but so far my dealings with zoom support are dissapponting
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  8. DaveT2

    DaveT2 New Member

    I just purchased the G1X Four and did not know it had a button under the pedal until I read this post. My pedal never hits it regardless of the pressure. Is this a common problem? How did you fix it?
  9. bigmalh

    bigmalh New Member

    I guess it's a very common problem what I did was cut the rubber end of a pencil Then cut it down to about 2 to 3 mil and just super glued it in place
    You will see the place where there is a small piece in but it's not thick enough To press the switch you stick it on top of that I think there may be a video on youtube for the g1xon but its the same problem
  10. DaveT2

    DaveT2 New Member

    I did finally get it to trigger, but it took my full weight to do it. I am not sure the pedal is built strong enough for that. Your idea of a pencil eraser is a great workaround. Thanks for your assistance.
  11. DaveT2

    DaveT2 New Member

    I found that a drawer cushion works well with its own adhesive. I am talking about the little foam pads you put on a drawers lip to keep it from closing too hard.
  12. Floppyrom

    Floppyrom New Member


    Was this feature request ever implemented?
  13. IanM233

    IanM233 New Member

    Yes, it most certainly was.
  14. Arcanum

    Arcanum Member

    Now, I'm waiting for the v2.0 of firmware to support. I cannot use tonelib at all.
  15. IanM233

    IanM233 New Member

    My firmware on the G1 Four is v1.10 and I use Tone Lib with no problems at all!
  16. Arcanum

    Arcanum Member

    So, I didn't have problems before the update.
    V 2.0 has some valuable improvements in looper and drums.
  17. Floppyrom

    Floppyrom New Member

    It wasn't!

    You cannot do what I mentioned in my post!

    It would be nice if the user would be able to easily switch ALL his patches from LINE to COMBO FRONT for example, as one day I could connect my zoom to my speakers or to my amp.. you get the idea.

    I want to have 1 button so I can switch all the amps from my patches at once from let's say LINE to COMBO FRONT.

    I want this because something I connect my Zoom to my computer otherwise to my amp.

    I know you can do it per patch, but this is highly laborious. We should have an easier way to do it with 1 click for all the patches
  18. MelliLewis

    MelliLewis New Member

    Hello....I have been standing by so long for a replacement of my cherished Zoom MS-50G pedal, with the better N-arrangement amp recreation. Sadly, 5 spaces are basically insufficient. The taxis actually utilize an additional opening.

    Just to remind, the old MS-50G has 6 openings. Amps and taxis just need one and no impacts need 2 spaces all the while. In any event the size is extraordinary.

    pcb assembly quote
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  19. Zssshhh

    Zssshhh New Member

    This may not be the appropriate forum or thread for this but here goes. Just got a used g1 four without manual or ac adapter. Abandoning my usual common sense and engaging full on dumbass mode I did not google and surmised a boss 200mA adapter should work just fine. It did not, of course, being that the unit requires a 500mA. Fried the input. Batteries and USB still work fine. Anyone else ever do this and repair it? Or am I simply the best dumbass around?

    On another note, as a first impression I’m mildly disappointed with the fx in comparison with the MS series and B1on. Less parameters per effect and wayyy too many amp sims for my liking. Still very capable for ambient tastes but I’ll be looking to swap out for bass and synth oriented patches or just overwrite them with my own.
  20. Tanbir Hazarika

    Tanbir Hazarika New Member

    I just bought the zoom G1x four and somehow i added the effects and it does not seem to go back so that i can clear my memory it shows full . I just need to clear some space .