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  1. Teacobouy

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    [​IMG] Zoom G11, is it worth upgrading from G5n? or is it just a fancy G5n? What did we hope for?

    I appreciate all new features
    -full colour lcd screen
    -ir loading
    -bluetooth connectivity
    -6 footswitches
    -5minutes loop

    But if it doesnt allow dual/split signal chain then its not worth upgrading from G5n
    Let me hear your view!

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  2. ahriik

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    Hey man, I know this is a bit of an older post, but I figured I'd give you my two cents. I recently upgraded from a G3n to the new G6, and I've been extremely happy with it, using it for the past month or so. I was worried that it might be like a "fancy" G5n, like you mentioned, but Zoom has really done a lot to improve the existing suite of effects and amps. The amp models especially sound much better, and some of the new models like the 7 Heaven (Zoom hasn't stated officially that it's based on anything, but its very similar to something like a 5150 mkIII) and the Velvet (basically sounds like a more versatile AC30) are just fantastic. And aside from them just sounding more realistic, they also respond to playing much more organically than how they did on the G3n/G5n. IR loading is a godsend, too. Night and day difference over the original cab simulator.

    Frankly, with the G6 out now, I don't really see much reason for most people to choose the G11 over it - that thing is just unnecessarily large and clunky. The G6 feels like what the G11 should have been.

    Hope that's useful in some way. Maybe you've already upgraded to something else by now, but hey, someone else might come across this in the future and find it helpful.
  3. cheese

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    I finally got myself a Zoom product after admiring them for decades. The new G6. I am curious if the patches in Tone Lib will work on the G6, and if so, which legacy/archive multieffects boards from Zoom have program compatibility with G6? Thanks in advance.
  4. ahriik

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    Nice! I've had the G6 for a few months now and use it nearly every day, I hope you're enjoying yours!

    ToneLib does not support the G6 or G11 right now - they both run on what appears to be a totally redesigned operating system/interface, whereas the older pedals that ToneLib does support all seem to have the same core DNA. ToneLib would probably need a relatively substantial update to support the G6/G11, and even then I don't think there would be backwards compatibility with patches for older units.

    ToneLib has been silent as far as G6/G11 support, so knows when (or even if) we'll see an update for that.

    All that said, ZOOM's own software for creating/editing patches in the G6, ZOOM Guitar Lab, works decently, and you can export patches by dragging them off the application window into a folder (files are .ZPTC). You can also import other patches by just dragging the files into your patch pool in Guitar Lab. Looks like there are couple people starting to share patches over here, and there are probably other places too.

    I personally don't think using other people's patches is that useful though, in my opinion. Everyone plays guitar a bit differently, and you'll never be able to totally replicate some else's tone even if you're using an identical patch.