Zoom g1x four boomy sound

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Willyjacksonjs22, Apr 18, 2022.

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    When I first tried out the pedal and made some metal tones, everything sounded tight with my palm mutes but today it’s all boomy sounding with lots of low end and like u can hear the guitars di ( clean ) background under the distortion. I turned off and on the pedal like 20 times and unplugged my guitar that it finally started working. Has anyone experienced the same problem?
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    Sorta-kinda. Not the same solution, but a similar problem. Most of my distortion patches--which once sounded good--became boomy and farty, lacking any sort of definition in the higher frequencies. In my case, I suspected that I had my patch volumes too high: I had placed all of them at 100% (so that all patches were at the same high volume level), and I think that pretty much turned them into mud. I reset all of my patches to 50%, and the clarity returned. I have to crank my headphones now, but at least they're clear. Even my clean patches sound better.

    I might suggest trying the same thing, but if we shared the same problem I doubt yours would have gone away by reseating your guitar cable. Sounds like it picked up some interference from somewhere. I've had amps crackle at me because of a dirty plug; makes sense to me that the Zoom might argue with that, as well. Hope your problem stays fixed!
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