Zoom G3n TS Drive vs Ibanez TS-9

Discussion in 'Video & Sound clips Demo Areas' started by johnhager25, May 28, 2018.

  1. johnhager25

    johnhager25 New Member

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  2. Russell A

    Russell A New Member

    Wow - impressive. Thank you.
  3. paracelx

    paracelx New Member

    great comparison, thanks
  4. Robert W. Lemp

    Robert W. Lemp New Member

    Ibanez WINS!!!
  5. Pam Anders

    Pam Anders New Member

    I didn't notice enough of a difference to compel me to add another $99 pedal to my board. I'm satisfied with the TsDrv effect.
  6. ansarijavid

    ansarijavid New Member