Zoom G5n - cannot see new amps/cabs in ToneLib Zoom

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    I own a couple of Zoom pedalboards (G1Xon and G5n), and one of them, the G5n, receives updates from Zoom Guitar Lab, which can update new stuff to the pedalboard. However I cannot make use of them in the ToneLib tool, when I reach the bank with the new stuff none of it is presented, and changing values in this seen setup wrecks the bank.

    How can I make these new stuff appear and handle it in ToneLib Zoom? Should I do something? There are at least an amp and a cab that really look interesting and I'd love to have them under better control. The other pedalboard behaves differently. I have passed patches from other pedals like MS-70CDR or MS-60B via other tool (Zoom Effect Manager) and I can handle it in ToneLib Zoom.

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