Zoom G5N processor connected to JBL 104 BT reference monitors but output sound volume is very low

Discussion in 'Zoom G3n/G3Xn/G5n' started by Km Km, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. Km Km

    Km Km New Member

    I have Zoom g5n guitar processor .When I connect my guitar fender Strat to the zoom g5n and the output from the processor to the JBL 104 BT reference studio monitors the output volume is very low even when the volume knob in the speakers is in max position.

    Though when i directly play songs through blue tooth the speaker volumes are fine .
    Also when I connect my Zoom G5n to guitar Amp the volume is great .

    Is there some settings in the Guitar processor that I am missing?
    Its bugging me a lot
    Please help me to troubleshoot.
  2. hurricaneabel

    hurricaneabel Member

    already tried to increase the volume of the patch? or even the g5n zoom master level?