Zoom GIXon ...actually "adding" these additional patches...or not !!

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  1. seanjackdan

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    I am new to this forum, and also new to getting a Zoom GIXon, so please bear with me as a complete novice!
    I have worked out how to download and listen to these great patches that people have uploaded, but my question is:
    Do you have to actually "overwrite" an existing patch on your machine for each one you want to have, as I have downloaded 10 patches, so does that mean I have to actually "delete" 10 existing ones that my machine has as "built-in" ones out of the 100, as I don't know which 10 I want to delete.... is there anyway of "adding them" to the machine, or do I have to "overwrite" one each time I want to use one of these great patches?
    Does this make sense?
    Thanks.... Sean !!!
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  2. Boscorelli

    Boscorelli Member

    Yes, you must overwrite an existing patch with a new one. However, before you do that backup all the patches on your device first. That way you can always restore it to the original.
  3. seanjackdan

    seanjackdan New Member

    Thanks Boscorelli for the quick reply.
    I had a feeling that was the situation... just a case of deciding which 10 I've got to delete now I suppose !!
    Thanks - Sean !!
  4. AlanB

    AlanB New Member

    I can't seem to get overwrite to work. The "new" patch will save temporarily to memory but doesn't replace the existing patch when I press load to device. Do I need to clear the existing patch first to create a blank slot?
  5. stigma

    stigma New Member

    When you change a patch with Tonelib Zoom you will see in the upper bar two new buttons, a rotating arrow (revert changes) and a checkmark. Click on the checkmark to save. You can also save the new patch directly on the pedalboard if you prefer.
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