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    I plugged my ZOOM G1X Four into the computer and got a message saying a new version of Guitar Lab was available. So I went looking for it at the https://www.zoom-na.com website (na = North America?). I couldn't find it. It was, however available at the Japanese website https://www.zoom.co.jp . After I installed it, I got a message saying 33 effects were updated. I don't know what the updates do, because I can't find an "update log" for the software.

  2. Boscorelli

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    P.S. Although Tonelib is way better at patch editing, there is one thing Guitar Lab does well. If you go to the Effects window, you can sort on the "Use" heading, just by clicking on it. This sorts the effects by the number of times each effect is used in a patch. Those with a "use count" of zero (0) will then be grouped together. Now you can scan down the list of effects and uninstall those that are not used.
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    Hello, people,
    I have a problem with this stupid Guitar Lab software.
    I have downloaded to me the newest 5 patches for the G1XFour from here:
    My problem:
    The patches are taken over in the patch pool indicated, but are deposited in black and thereby not could be play in on the device.
    All effects are on the device, but I cannot strike up the patches.
    Does one have a notion what runs there wrong and can help?
    I love my other zooming, the G3x and the G2.1NU, there one does not have this problem, also because all effects are always in the device and must be not always evacuated which.
  4. Boscorelli

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    Same for me. I was under the impression that G1 four and G1X four patches were interchangeable...now I'm not sure? I wonder if it could be versions of firmware differences? or versions of Guitar Lab differences? Here is what I have.

    What versions are you running?
  5. JuppZupp99

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    @ Boscorelli.

    I am for many years one ZOOM fan.
    But this G1XFour does not seem to be thought through well.


    Everything the same data like with you!


    Here are the patches which I have loaded, but in the device cannot play in, because they are black.

    Other patches can be also played in!


    What can this only be?
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    Patches won't load for me either. I have the G1X Four.
  7. Boscorelli

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    Just as an experiment, I uninstalled Guitar Lab 5.0, then I installed Guitar Lab 4.1 - no difference. Then I uninstalled Guitar Lab 4.1, then I installed Guitar Lab 3.0 - no difference.
    So, I'd say that the version of Guitar Lab makes no difference.

    I'm NOT going to back-off the G1X Four firmware, but I am curious to know if someone with Version 1.0 firmware can load those patches?
  8. JuppZupp99

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    Interesting it would be to be known whether the patches have been stored away by a G1Four.

    Since then a difference would be between G1Four and G1XFour in the format of the patches.

    With the G2.1 Nu and the G2.1 KL a sort of small barrier is also inserted.

    If one wants to test them to in and import in the Edit & shares software as a patch Group load, also does not clap.

    If one takes a patch Group of the G2.1 Nu which is called, e.g., XXXX.g2nua, this is called with the G2.1 KL then XXXX.g2kla and is not accepted by the in each case other device.

    If one calls them then simply around, they are accepted!

    What has to do this, no notion.

    The G2.1 has the same hardware (with pedal) in both cases and also plays the patches then without problems!

    Of the programmer's thought are to be felt already sometimes hard after!
  9. Teacobouy

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    Once you know how to set a patch manually then guitarlab becomes useless. i dont even remember the last time i used it or i used tonelibzoom.
  10. JuppZupp99

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    Yes of course one does not need, actually, the programmes like Guitar Lab and Edit&Share if m wants to put everything itself in itself and explore.

    But, nevertheless, it is also very nice to try out a ready sound setting by means of patches simply sometimes, or?
  11. JuppZupp99

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    Nobody here in the Board which can help? :eek:

    He must have only one G1Four (without X) or try a G1XFour with the Firmware before 1.10 and sometimes one of the described patches download and to play in him in the device.

    Boscorelli has experimented already with the versions of Guitar rennet and has found out that it does not lie in Guitar rennet.


    There were ratings of the patches, that is somebody could play in them in the device.

    Greetings Michael
  12. JuppZupp99

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    @Boscorelli ,

    do you have the Firmware 1.0 as a File to install ?
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    it doesnt work,,,cant see my g5n...when it does it wakes forever to load
  14. Boscorelli

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    No, I do not. The manual gives instructions for a Factory Reset - which may or may not reset the firmware.
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  15. JuppZupp99

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    @Boscorelli .

    Normally the last proficient product struck up on the device is put back with a Factory Reset again on the state on striking up.

    With the G1 Four, however, not yet.

    Everybody with the software Guitar Lab to evacuated effects remains evacuated.

    If one wants to make a real Factory Reset, one must strike up the Firmware anew.

    Silly with the G1 Four.
  16. JuppZupp99

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    So, I have got from a user a patch which he himself has provided with a device and the Firmware 1.0.
    I could play in it in my device with Firmware 1.10.
    Hence, it probably lies in the opposed patches on Guitarpatches.com.
    Funny enough somebody could strike up the patches, because there are assessments for it?
    Or does value?
    Time see how it goes on!

  17. Boscorelli

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    OK, that eliminates the firmware version, and the Guitar lab version. By the process of elimination that means G1Four and G1XFour patches are not swappable as *.zptc files. I think Tonelib files (*.zg1xf) must work though?!

    UPDATE: I noticed that Tonelib patch https://tonelib.net/forums/threads/tonho.6109/ is a *.zg1f file (as opposed to *.zg1xf). :)

    I am able to load that G1Four file (*.zg1f) onto my G1XFour. :)

    I think it should work in reverse, unless a G1XFour patch uses the Expression Pedal?
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  18. JuppZupp99

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    After to all believe I which does not tune there what all together with the patches which are deposited darkly.
    However, the assessment of the patches is funny!
    Who could instal them?
    And how?
    All in all, as an old zoom fan I must say that this G1 Four and G1X Four are not best from the use.
    Not all effects in the device are filed, is the big disadvantage.
    One must look always only whether for the new patch all effects are in the device or one must evacuate which to agree missing in the device.
    This was not with my other zoom.
    There everybody was always online in the device and immediately operationally.
    Besides, my favorites are the G3X and G5X, there are the best the detail of the emulations.
    If the original has device 8 buttons, the simulation has them also and everybody are regulated!
    One gets one the older zoom G3X already with eBay classified ads in good state with net part and original cardboard for in about 100€.
    And this is from robust metal.
    Never mind from nearly 900 patches for it on Guitarpatches.com.
  19. Boscorelli

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    I think somebody with a G1Four (not the G1XFour) needs to download those *.zptc patches from https://guitarpatches.com/patches.php?unit=G1FOUR and then SAVE them in Tonelib format (*.zg1f). After that we SHOULD be able to load the *.zg1f file onto a G1XFour.


    Can someone try this please?
  20. JuppZupp99

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    I think somebody with a G1Four (not the G1XFour) needs to download those *.zptc patches from https://guitarpatches.com/patches.php?unit=G1FOUR and then SAVE them in Tonelib format (*.zg1f). After that we SHOULD be able to load the *.zg1f file onto a G1XFour.

    @Boscorelli ,

    this goes?

    If I liked to open an original patch of Tone Lab to rennet with the programme Tone Lib zoom, an error message always comes:


    I can store away only the patches which are stored away on my device then in tone Lib zoom.
    If is thus with all, does not clap with the patches, because they must be the user then already in the device.