Zoom Guitar Lab 6 for Mac and Tonelib Help!

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  1. Trao

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    Hi, I hope some one can help! (And a Happy St Patricks Day to all!)

    Problem is this: I am keen to use the new Krampus amp model and Geminos modulation that I believe comes with Zoom guitar lab 7. (I use Zoom Guitar lab to load my amps so they can be used with my preferred software, Tonelib)

    Unfortunately my poor old Macbook OS 10.9.5 doesnt support the latest zoom Guitar Lab 7.

    So, I was thinking that Zoom Guitar Lab 6 mught have these new Krampus and Geminos and I could access these on my old Macbook Pro. I have tried everywhere to locate Guitar Lab 6 for Mac but to no avail, Can some kind soul please send me a copy of Guitar Lab 6 for Mac or point me in the right direction to download a copy?

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  2. Kamtugexa

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    Hi....Open the Guitar Lab version 7. Then the NEWS tab. There you will see both Krampus and Redloom.
    Connect ZOOM and download these updates to your device ...
  3. Trao

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    Hi Kamtugexa,

    Thanks for your response, that's appreciated.
    The trouble is my computer (old Macbook pro) cannot run Guitar lab version 7 - my computer is too old!
    I was hoping that Guitar Lab 6 might run on my old computer (and I am also hoping the Krampus amp and Geronimos are with Guitar Lab 6) I cannot find Guitar Lab 6 for Mac anywhere though! If anyone can help that would be great.
    Thanks again.

    All the best,

  4. Kamtugexa

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    Now it is clear. The only idea is to buy dad a beer and go to a friend who has Windows and upload new effects to the device. I have all the old stable versions for Windows- https://disk.yandex.ru/d/C1b4Kz7lKIDbpQ?w=1
  5. Kamtugexa

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  6. Trao

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    Problem solved.
    I borrowed a newer macbook pro and used it to download the latest guitar Lab 7 and updated my Zoom g3n with the new amp models.
    All is working great now. Thanks again for your help.

    all the best,