Zoom Guitar Lab for Mac help

Discussion in 'ToneLib-GFX presets' started by Trao, Mar 17, 2021.

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    Hi, I hope some one can help! (And a Happy St Patricks Day to all!)

    Problem is this: I am keen to use the new Krampus amp model and Geminos modulation that I believe comes with Zoom guitar lab 7. (I use Zoom Guitar lab to load my amps so they can be used with my preferred software, Tonelib)

    Unfortunately my poor old Macbook OS doesnt support the latest zoom Guitar Lab 7.

    So, I was thinking that Zoom Guitar Lab 6 mught have these new Krampus and Geminos and I could access these on my old Macbook Pro. I have tried everywhere to locate Guitar Lab 6 for Mac but to no avail, Can some kind soul please send me a copy of Guitar Lab 6 for Mac or point me in the right direction to download a copy?

    Kind Regards,