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    I have both a Zoom G1 FOUR that has been a great, trouble free (guitar) multi fx pedal and have just purchased a new A1 FOUR multi fx (specifically for acoustic instruments).

    I am having a truly strange and annoying issue, syncing the A1 FOUR using Zoom's editing software "Guitar Lab" for Mac.

    I do have the latest version of Guitar Lab ( which I have re-installed on the Mac twice and that continues to sync perfectly with the G1 FOUR, allowing me to edit and save effects and patches as usual.

    However, the A1 FOUR is a different matter (I have recently exchanged the unit with the dealer as I assumed it was faulty firmware) but, evidently not.

    I have edited and saved effects and patches within the Mac software (Guitar Lab). It saves and syncs back to the A1 FOUR correctly but, when I later re-connect the unit (via USB) to Guitar Lab on the iMac for further editing, all the patches appear to be there, but there are no effect units present, all patches showing a "MISSING EFFECTS NOT FOUND" error message.

    However, if I re-load any unused effect (stored somewhere in the Guitar Lab software I assume) all patches and effects are restored.

    I can only deduce that, upon USB connection, the Zoom Guitar Lab app recognises the saved patches but, cannot find or load the effects that are saved within them. It appears that re-loading any unused effect directs the app the fx "bank" and all effects load back into their associated patches.

    The odd thing is that the G1 FOUR continues to sync seamlessly and trouble free.
    There are also currently no firmware updates for the A1 FOUR.

    Has anyone else had these issues? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.........Cheers...........Brian
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    Have you tried using Tonelib's software for that? Does it happen with both softwares?