Zoom MS70-CDR automation

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by James Edinger, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. James Edinger

    James Edinger New Member

    Has anyone found software for controlling Zoom MS70-CDR from a DAW or sequencer?
  2. Some people say it obeys a certain SysEx command set, so this is totally possible at least with Ctrlr. Programming a control panel takes up quite a lot of time, but isn't a very hard task in overall.
  3. shooking_sybase

    shooking_sybase New Member

    Ctrlr is a good way to make either a standalone or VST plugin - save your panels often!! It is easy to crash it and lose a LOT of work. Best to use local git to store you changes (dont forget to checkin often).

    I ported Ctrlr to RPi a while back - details on their forum - and using a touchscreen with it opens up some interesting possibilities. Then you would plug normal USB -> uUSB into Zoom and away you go.