Clean sounds are still distorting/clipping

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    Hi everyone,

    I have been playing around a bit with Tonelib GFX and I've noticed something strange while trying out the clean sounds in it. It seems that no matter what kind of clean preset I'm using, there's always some kind of very high end "fizziness" or distortion. I'm using Reaper and I've tried to put an equalizer before tonelib and just keeping a flat curve and only pulling down the level so that the signal in to tonelib is weaker but it still seems to be there. If it helps, I'm looking for this kind of clean sound that you get when you have a pushed amp with very high head room (I don't know how to explain it better). But everytime when I try to get that I only get the strange, digital/fizzy clipping.

    I found this thread while searching the forum:
    And they talked about it being sensitive for input levels, but even if I try to lower the input it doesn't seem to have the effect I was hoping for. Is there some effects in the vst that can produce this? (some very wet reverbs in my Yamaha THR10 can sometimes produce similar fizzy effects...)

    Oh, and I'm using a guitar with passive 'buckers, going in through instrument level on my Scarlett Solo and straight to Reaper.
  2. This happens because lowering input levels lower than overdrive threshold while hoping for dynamics to work is probably the most idiotic thing in entire universe, both in analog and digital domain. Also, you may be using high gain amp models to get a clean sound, which is no better from previous thing. Try:
    — changing amp model (in GFX, this is in fact a channel model);
    — setting levels up properly;
    — practicing your instrument, so you can really play with dynamics;
    — learning about what's a tube amp, why it's still impossible to really emulate it, and how it's approximated in real world.
    Yeah, there's a whole dedicated code block in source code just for that, the effect is called “Similar Fizzy Effects From Yamaha THR10”
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    Are you for real? It's like 1-2 months ago since I posted this, and you decided that it was a good idea to bless this thread with not only a mean and rude comment, but also an amazingly useless one at that. You basically said "lol, git gud, put the levels right".

    - The issue is not present in more pricier competition (Amplitube, Native etc.)
    - I'm not interested in an overdriven sound. Do you really think that dynamics has to reach break up? There's a whole world of dynamics before that happens...
    - And no, I'm not using a hi-gain amp/channel...
    - I only mentioned the reverb saturation for the thr10 as a reference, how is it possible to misunderstand that? I'm almost impressed that you were able to turn it into something cynical...

    Now, if anyone stumbles upon this shitshow of a mini-thread. The easiest way to solve the issue I have (which I have solved without the gracious help from the bass player above) was to look at the reverb-effects, they introduced the high-frequency artifacts. And it was simply an EQ cut after the gfx plugin that solved it.
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    What do you expect he's a bass player? I'll distract him with a laser pointer for you. =)
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    Ha ha...but thats an insult to fun loving lazer point chasers everywhere...
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