Dual mono processing in VST plugin

Discussion in 'Testimonials & Suggestions' started by alexthebassist, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. This software really stands out in its field, but there's a caveat: it doesn't process stereo guitar (i. e. L+R double tracked recording) as it should be. Instead of processing the mono part in two independent signal paths, it mixes stereo input it receives to mono, and then processes everything as a single mono track. This is pointless in most mixing cases. Expanding routing functionality will give ToneLib GFX users the ability to easily mix their recordings and play two different guitars at once, hearing each other from different speakers. For example, BIAS FX has some expanded internal routing, which could even let a bassist and guitar player practice together with only one instance of software. I think this is quite excessive for a guitar amp emulator, but this is still cool.
    However, the dual mono mode for mono parts of signal path is necessary to make ToneLib GFX hassle free. For now, I'm forced to use a dirty hack available at least in Ardour/Mixbus, consisting of two parameter linked instances of the plugin, and routing only one of each instances' channels to guitar bus output. This is not only “not that comfortable”; this increases CPU usage in some cases where stereo processors (like delay or chorus) are computed twice instead of once.