Heavy Distortion

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    Heavy Distortion

    GFX version: 3.0

    Preset name: Heavy Distortion
    Optimized for: Phones/Speaker

    Effects chain:

    Patch comments:
    Use the neck pickup, for a better sound. Sound is nice when used with power chords.

    Effect: "Noise Reducer" (Dynamics / Filter), active - "yes"
    "Sens" = 50
    "Mode" = Hard

    Effect: "Compressor" (Dynamics / Filter), active - "yes"
    "Sense" = 21
    "Level" = 50

    Effect: "Cent OD" (Overdrive / Distortion), active - "yes"
    "Drive" = 100
    "Tone" = 100
    "Level" = 100

    Effect: "B-Scream" (Overdrive / Distortion), active - "yes"
    "Drive" = 100
    "Tone" = 100
    "Level" = 100

    Note: This is a ToneLib-GFX preset file, you will need to download and install the ToneLib-GFX software to use the preset.

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    Rly bad preset with a lot of volume and dirty tone. Not recommended.