How to install other Zoom FX on your Zoom Device => Awesome!!

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    Good news everyone!!;)

    It is actually possible to install Zoom FX from a other/different device, for example the B1Xon bass amps, compressors etc. or effects from the Zoom MS-70CDR on a other device like a G1Xon.o_O:eek::D!! How amazing is that!?! -> Links at the end of this entry.

    I found this out in this forum here:
    I found that "unofficial-firmware-hint-hint" was not really a good title for this. I hope more people will find these tools, so I created this thread.

    Thanks for the original poster!! And many thanks for the guy who developed the tool! You are awesome!

    So you can basically mix and match, install/delete any FX from any Pedal as you wish as long as they belong to the same "family". You can not install G3xn FX on a G1Xon for example.
    (It is even possible to install Axe-FX II FX and Kemper Profiles on a G1Xono_O > But for this you need my modified Firmware, which I sell for 100.-- Euros;):cool:)

    What you do is basically within this tool you open a firmware you want to extract some FX from> extract the FX > open the correct firmware for your device > insert the previously extracted FX > save and upload to your device.

    You can not install all, there is limited space on the device. However I managed to install about 30 new FX from the B1Xon and from the MS-CDR70 to my G1Xon.

    It works great! The new FX are listed where they should belong.
    However: If you use the Tonelib-Zoom Editor it does not know that you are using new FX (and a modified firmware) if you have a non native FX in your patch it simply does not show up in the editor, but the editor still works and does not crash.

    Here are the links to get you running:

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    Yeah indeed great tip, I'm using it too.
    But I'm waiting for Drum pattern editor.
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    i used on attempt to install on my new laptop it says

    trial installation expired

    so doesnt install
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    does someone knows if this method will work for adding effects from A1x FOUR onto a G1x FOUR?
  5. No news about Tonelib working on devices with modified firmwares with added effects from another devices??
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    Does anyone have a link to this software that will run on OSX?
  8. Привет! Есть ли отдельный форум для владелцев А1Four??