MIDI Program Change support

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  1. Kott

    Kott New Member


    This feature is very wanted here. While Tonelib accepts some MIDI commands it ignores Program Change which send by foot controllers like Behringer FCB 1010.

    LINDSAY ROSS New Member

    Absolutely. I also use the FCB and though it accepts the settings ( sometimes) the pedal is useless as I cant activate any changes via the pedal itself. Im a bit new with this but it worked well in THU.
  3. pm33aud

    pm33aud New Member

    Agree. I'd also be great to select a preset slot in an absolute fashion as opposed to having to do bank+preset. Also! Tuner on/off by MIDI too!
  4. Angel Candelaria

    Angel Candelaria New Member

    I agree too. Please make it compatible with the FCB 1010, which I think is one of the most popular & reasonably priced MIDI Foot Controllers for guitar out there.
  5. Hessu Hopo

    Hessu Hopo New Member

    +1 for this! Much needed feature.
  6. Angel Candelaria

    Angel Candelaria New Member

    In case you missed my reply on the other thread, I managed to get it to work, although in a somewhat unconventional way.

    Basically, I turned off the PC's and I'm using only CC's to control everything - patch changes, bank changes, tap tempo, etc. Not perfect, but it's a workaround, at least until Tonelib finally adds PC support.

    If you guys are interested, I could make a video explaining what I did, as soon as I have some time to spare.
  7. Joseph district

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  8. Alexey V

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    when program change feature appears in tonelib gfx? three years have passed...